You have property goals. We’re entirely focused on helping you reach them. At Canberra Property Partners our world-first digital tools cut administrivia, freeing us up to give you real estate’s most personal service. It’s all about more care and less hype. Whether you’re selling, or want to buy and rent out hassle-free, we place you first.  Learn more

Why choose us?

We believe owning a rental property should be a rewarding experience. Not only financially, but the process itself. That means reducing time-sapping, frustration-inducing and head-pounding admin tasks. Our world-class technology does that heavy lifting so we can use our people power to advocate, mediate, organise and negotiate the most carefree and profitable pathway for you.


We don’t just manage, we sell. Unlike firms that just focus on sales without needing to consider tenants, we know that sometimes it makes financial sense to sell your property with the tenant in place. It’s a process that needs the deft negotiation only a well-seasoned team like ours can offer. If you want to sell untenanted, we’re across that too.